Mixtape Guide

Last Updated On Thursday, April 13th, 2023
This quick mixtape guide will give you more insight into streaming and downloading mixtapes from our website. While streaming audio is pretty straight forward, downloading involves a few extra steps that can help in the long run.

Streaming vs. Downloading

Streaming allows you to listen to the MP3 files without storing the files on your computers hard drive. Downloading allows you to make a copy of the MP3 files to store on your computer. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Streaming is good if you don't have a lot of hard drive space but the drawback is that you need to be online. Downloading is the opposite, you can listen to the downloaded files offline but you need a good amount of hard drive space to store the files.

Public vs. Membership

Street Beatz Entertainment is an online music service that is heavily dependent on it's membership. We provide a 15 second preview of each mixtape to non-members when streaming and downloading while active members get the full mixtape. We do offer a free membership, along with a vip membership, to anyone who would like to join our online music service.

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Download Requirements

In order to download mixtapes, you will need a 3rd party archive (zip file) manager. Most operating systems do include one natively, but if you are having trouble recongnizing zip files you will need to download one.

We recommend 7zip - Download Here It's Free!

Media Player Requirements

To play the mixtapes on your computer you will need a media player. A free media player that supports MP3, allows you too organize files and keeps a library of your collection is ideal.

We recommend MusicBee - Download Here It's Free!

Application Settings

In order for things to run smoothly you will need to change a few settings in both the 7zip and MusicBee applications.

7zip Settings
A) Launch 7zip and click Tool > Options.
B) In 7zip tab, uncheck all options except Extract items.

MusicBee Settings
A) Launch MusicBee and click the top left corner menu.
B) Click on Edit preferences > Library
C) Within those settings click Choose folders...
D) Select the folder that will store all your mixtapes.

You're setup and ready to go, everything should run smooth.

Streaming Mixtapes

Streaming mixtapes are simple enough, you can choose to stream the entire mixtape or you can select tracks individually. To Stream a full mixtape click on the Preview/Stream button on the left side of each mixtape cover. To stream a single track, click the Play icon ( ) next to the track you'd like to listen to.

Downloading Mixtapes

Downloading takes a few extra steps but it's not too complicated. To Download a full mixtape click on the Preview/Download button on the right side of each mixtape cover. To download a single track, click the Download icon ( ) next to the track you'd like to download. Here are the extra steps:

Mixtape Download
A) Save it to your downloads, not your mixtape folder.
B) Navigate to downloads and right click the mixtape file.
C) Select 7zip > Extract files... from the context menu.
D) Choose your mixtape folder and press ok to extract.

Track Downloads
A) Just save it to your mixtape folder.

Playing Your Mixtape Files

Launch MusicBee, if all goes as planned you should have an updated media player. Enjoy!