Frequent Questions

Last Updated On Thursday, February 13th, 2024
Here are some questions I have put together that focus on our service, content, memberships and payments. If you have a any other questions feel free to contact us.
General Questions
What is
What is a digital mixtape?
What is mixtape downloading?
What is mixtape streaming?
Who would enjoy a mixtape?
Why do dj's release other people's music?

Service Questions
Do I need a membership?
When can I start streaming/downloading?
How many times can I stream/download?
What Is Included In Your Membership?
What are the system requirements?

Streaming Questions
How do I stream?
Can I stop playback of the current song?
Can I change the volume?
Can I go to the next / previous track?
Why is the music player not working?

Download Questions
How do I download?
What is a zip file?
How do I extract a zip file?
What if I download a corrupt file?
Can I transfer downloads to portable device?

Membership Questions
Is your membership service really free?
Do you offer unlimited downloading?
How do I register for a free membership?
How do I login to my account profile?
How do I logout of my account profile?
How do I change my profile information?
How do I view my payment history?
How do I update my address book?
How do I view my download history?
How Do I Manage Newsletter Preferences?

Payment Questions
Do you accept all major credit cards?
Do you accept online checks?
How Much Does It Cost For A VIP Membership?
When Will I Be Charged For My VIP Membership
Can I Pause My VIP Payments
Is my personal information safe?
Do you have a refund policy?

General Questions

What Is StreetBeatz.Net?
Street Beatz Entertainment is an online music service specializing in underground mixtapes. By definition, underground music is perceived as "outside" of traditional mainstream music for commercial purposes. We offer a mixtape radio station along with a streaming, and downloading, service. It's goal is to provide a quality mixtape experience that's simple, affordable and unique.

What is a Digital Mixtape?
In the good ol' days, mixtapes were primarily sold on cassettes and moved to compact discs (in the late 90s). These days the mixtape circuit has, for the most part, moved online... evolving to the ("Digital Mixtape"). Each mixtape DJ has their own style, arranging and mixing music compilations that have included everything from A) Exclusives B) Freestyles C) Interviews and D) Drops to unique mixes, remixes, blends and other techniques. Mixtapes often feature music from a collection of artists but may also showcase just one artist

What Is Mixtape Downloading?
Mixtape downloading refers to copying the digital mixtape files from our server to your computer. Each track is encoded in Mp3 format and compressed into a zip file for easy transfer. Once they are copied to your computer you can listen to them online and offline. Most modern mp3 devices support Mp3 format.

What Is Mixtape Streaming?
Mixtape streaming refers to listening to the mixtapes without having to download the digital files to your computer. No storage space on your device is needed. The Mp3 files will play directly from our servers in the music player that is embedded on our website. You must be online to stream.

Who Would Enjoy a Mixtape?
Hip Hop celebrated it's 50 year anniversary in 2023 and was was popularized back in the early 70s. While Hip Hop represents the culture, rapping is more of a niche-genre primarily focused on MCing. If you are a fan of rap music then you may enjoy mixtapes. Anyone who doesn't mind listening to raw, unfiltered, unpolished lyrics with a mixture of cuts, scratches, blends, transitions and skits will enjoy mixtapes.

Why Do DJ's Release Other Artist's Music?
Promotion. In the old days, artists reached out to collaborate with mixtape djs in an effort to promote their brand and upcoming album releases. In exchange, the dj would usually get exclusive content and notoriety. These days, it seems the "mixtape dj" has been over-shadowed by the emergence of the internet. What was once a rarity is now on its way to mainstream success and many of the OG djs have either moved on to radio & podcast or have yet to adapt to technology.

Service Questions

Do I Need A Membership?
Yes and No. Our 24 hour radio station does not require a membership. We also provide previews that do not require a membership. Full mixtape streaming, and downloading, does require a free membership. In order to provide a simple, affordable and unique service we need to be able to communicate with people. Optionally, upgrading to a VIP membership will remove the limitations and give you enhanced features.

When Can I Start Streaming/Downloading?
Instantly... after completing the registration process you will be re-directed to our members area with instant access to our entire catalog. Same goes for VIP memberships, once the payment is processed you're good to go.

How Many Times Can I Stream/Download?
Currently, there are no limits put in place for radio, streaming or downloading with either membership. We do, however, monitor our server daily for any miss-use or un-conventional usage patterns. Our resources are limited so please do not abuse them.

What Is Included In Your Membership?
All members have access to their account Profile, Address Book, Download History, Payment History and Newsletter Preferences. Free members will get better quality streaming and downloading. VIP members will get even better quality streaming and downloading along with no restrictions and enhanced features.

What Are The System Requirements?
All mixtapes are in MP3 format so you will need a browser that supports MP3. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari all support MP3 playback. When downloading, the mixtape files are compressed into a zip file so you will need an archive manager (to unzip the files). We recommend using a 3rd party application called 7zip. Once the mixtape files are unzipped, you will need a media player to play the mp3 files once they are downloaded. We recommend using MusicBee.

Streaming Questions

How Do I Stream?
There are two ways to stream. You can stream the entire mixtape as a playlist by clicking on the Stream button on the left side of the mixtape cover. You can also stream an individual track by clicking on the play (  ) icon next to the track you want to listen to.

Can I Stop Playback Of The Current Song?
Yes, on the embedded music player you will see a pause (  ) button and a stop (  ) to control playback of the current song.

Can I Change The Volume?
Yes, on the embedded music player you will see a mute (  ) button to mute the volume and a volume slider to adjust the current volume.

Yes, on the embedded music player you will see a forward (  ) button and a back (  ) button to control the current track selection.

Why Is The Music Player Not Working?
If you click on the play (  ) icon and the music does not automatically start playing, it's possible there may be an issue with the file. Please contact us to make sure we are aware of the issue, we will try to get er fixed up.

Download Questions

How Do I Download?
There are two ways to download. You can download the entire mixtape by clicking on the Download button on the right side of the mixtape cover. You can download an individual track by clicking on the download (  ) icon next to the track you want to download.

What Is A Zip File?
A zip file is a common file format that contains multiple files that are compressed into one file. All mixtape downloads are combined/compressed for easy delivery to your browser.

How Do I Extract A Zip File?
Most modern operating systems include an archive manager natively. For windows users, you can usually right click on the file and select "Extract Here..." to extract the files. For Linux users, you can usually right click and select "Extract To Here" to extract the files. It may vary slightly depending on what OS you are using. If you do not have those options you will need a 3rd party archive manager. We recommend 7zip. Once it's installed, right click on the file and select "7zip > Extract Here".

What If I Download A Corrupt File?
If you receive an error while extracting that says "Corrupt File" it could mean 1 of 2 things. A) There was a problem with your connection while downloading (usually with dial up modems) or B) The mixtape file was not compiled correctly on our end. Try downloading it again, if it still doesn't work just contact us.

Can I Transfer Downloads To Portable Device?
Yes, Mp3 is a common standard in most modern devices so as long as your portable device is compatible with MP3 you should be able to transfer the files to the device.

Membership Questions

Is Your Membership Service Really Free?
Yes, we do offer a free membership and anyone with an email address can join. Please keep in mind, free members do have certain limitations. Our resources are limited. Members will be notified when any significant changes are made to our system.

Do You Offer Unlimited Downloading?
At the moment there are no restrictions but our resources are limited so we keep a close eye on the usage patterns of our members. If we see someone miss-using our service we will take appropriate action. Members will be notified of any changes made to our membership offerings.

How Do I Register For A Free Membership?
Easy, to register for a free membership simply click here.

How Do I Login To My Account Profile?
You will see a login (  ) icon in the upper right corner of our site. Enter your email/password and click the icon to enter the members area. Alternatively you can use the "Members Login" link in the left navigation box or the "Members" link at the bottom of the site.

How Do I Change My Profile Information?
When logged in, click on the profile (  ) icon. Here you can update your personal info, photo, email address and password.

How Do I View My Payment History?
When logged in, click on the payments (  ) icon. Here you can view all your VIP payment transactions with PayPal.

How Do I Update My Address Book?
When logged in, click on the address book (  ) icon. Here you can update your billing information.

How Do I View My Download History?
When logged in, click on the media downloads (  ) icon. Here you can view your history of streams and downloads.

How Do I Manage Newsletter Preferences?
When logged in, click on the newsletter (  ) icon. Here you can opt in / out of our mailing list and chnge your settings.

How Do I Logout Of My Account Profile?
When logged in, click the logout (  ) icon to leave the members area.

Payment Questions

Do You Accept All Major Credit Cards?
Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard®, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and EnRoute along with prepaid cards and international cards. All payment transactions are processed by PayPal for your security. No account needed is needed.

Do You Accept Online Checks?
No, our VIP memberships rely on PayPal to process recurring subscription payments so we are unable to accept cheque's.

How Much Does It Cost For A VIP Membership?
The cost is $10. All monies paid to us is used for operating costs, website hosting, bandwidth usage, site development, maintenance and promotional efforts.

When Will I Be Charged For My VIP Membership?
Every month, on the same day, beginning on the day you upgraded. The time may vary depending on PayPal's system schedule. Once a payment has been made our system will be updated and you will receive an email notification.

Can I Pause My VIP Payments?
Yes, in the event you need to pause payments, for whatever reason, you may do so. Your VIP Access will continue for the remainder of your billing cycle and then pause when a new cycle kicks in. It will remain paused until you resume them.

Is My Personal Information Safe?
Yes, At no point in time will we A) directly ask you for your important payment details. B) distribute your personal information to a third party. All payments are processed via PayPal so you can rest assured that your info is safe. Refer to PayPal's Privacy Policy and User Agreement for further details.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?
Yes, we provide all VIP members with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time you are un-satisfied with our services you can initiate a full refund for the current billing cycle. Once a billing cycle is complete the opportunity for a refund is expired. We do not issue refunds for previous billing cycles.