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Over the last few years, Mayne's #ChopTrees mixtapes have turned him into a brand. His newest project, Chop Trees Over Everything, drops September 18 with a digital and physical release. Coughing from the chronic, Mayne says he's been changing his game. He considers this album the finale in the #ChopTrees series, recorded at Halifax MC DJ IV's studio and at his own home studio. "With this one, I stopped writing halfway through it, does that make sense?" Mayne says. "I just started to freestyle. The writing process was boring so I said I'm just gonna do me. I was vibing out to the beat and doing it how it's supposed to be done. And becaus... [More Info]

Jay Mayne - Call It Want You Want Jay Mayne - Call It Want You Want

01. Jay Mayne Fea Al Boogie - Backwoods 02. Jay Mayne Fea Psyc Joon Jukx - Never Been 03. Jay Mayne - Vibe 04. Jay Mayne - Rolli...

Length: 22:23     Size: 53MB     Tracks: 6
Jay Mayne & Dj IV - Choptrees Jay Mayne & Dj IV - Choptrees

01. Jay Mayne - Find Your Love 02. Jay Mayne - Daddys Home 03. Jay Mayne - Dutch In The Air 04. Jay Mayne - Heard Em Say 05. Jay...

Length: 53:40     Size: 99MB     Tracks: 18
Jay Mayne & Dj IV - Choptrees 2 Jay Mayne & Dj IV - Choptrees 2

01. Jay Mayne - Much Higher Intro 02. Jay Mayne - Fade On Low 03. Jay Mayne - No Love 04. Jay Mayne - Mary J Music 05. Jay Mayne...

Length: 52:29     Size: 98MB     Tracks: 17